Can I change my username?

Can I change my username?

Someone on the P2P Support Team can change your username for you. Please submit a request including your current username and the new username you would like.
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    • How do I change my password?

      Step-by-step guide Login to your P2P Account Select MyProfile->Edit Profile Select Change Password Enter your Old Password Enter your New Password Confirm your New Password Click Change Password
    • How do I change my Team Name?

      Step-by-step guide To change your team name do the following: Login to MTG Select MyGroups->Manage Groups Select the Team Name Change your team name and select Update
    • Can I change who brings the balls?

      Step-by-step guide Yes you can change who brings the balls by following the steps below. Login and go to My Groups->Manage Groups Click on Schedule for desired team Click assign balls if you have not already assigned them Click on the yellow tennis ...
    • Can I change a player's availability as a captain?

      Step-by-step guide Yes, you can change player availability as captain by following the steps below. Log in to Click on MyGroups->Manage Groups Click on Availability Click on the ?/check/x icons next to the players name to ...
    • How can I change the availability cutoff date?

      If your players have not all entered their availability you can extend the date by doing the following: Step-By-Step Login to your Plan2Play Account Select MyGroups->Manage Groups Select the Group Name Enter the new availability cutoff date