How do I add players to my group?

How do I add players to my group?

Step-by-step guide

This article describes the case where you want to add someone to your group who already has an P2P account, but is not part of one of your groups yet.

  1. Login and go to MyGroups->Manage Groups
  2. Click on Players for the group you want to add players to
  3. Click on Add A New Player
  4. Fill out the First Name, Last Name, Email, Player/Sub, Gender, then click Add/Update

NOTE: If you know the player already has an P2P account, make sure you add them by the email address associated with their current P2P account. If the player/email exists in our database you will see a screen which will ask you to select the existing user or Add A New Player. Selecting Add A New Player will create a new P2P account for the user.

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