How do I enter my availability?

How do I enter my availability?

Step-by-step guide

Update Your Availability:

  1. Go to MyAvailability -> Match Availability.
  2. Enter your preference, Click Singles, Doubles or Both
  3. Enter your availability, Click Yes or No
  4. Repeat for all matches in the list.
  5. When you are finished, Click Update
Note : You may update your availability at any time for league teams.

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    • How do I enter availability on behalf of my players?

      Step-by-step guide Go to MyGroups->Manage Groups Now click on availability for desired team Click on the ? or X icon to change availability on specific dates for each player
    • Can I enter players availability before I generate the schedule?

      Step-by-step guide Yes, you can use our player availability function to enter availability on behalf of group players before generating the schedule. To enter players availability before generating the schedule, please follow the steps below. 1.) ...
    • How can I change the availability cutoff date?

      If your players have not all entered their availability you can extend the date by doing the following: Step-By-Step Login to your Plan2Play Account Select MyGroups->Manage Groups Select the Group Name Enter the new availability cutoff date
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      Step-by-step guide Login to your P2P account Go to MyGroups->Manage Groups Click on Schedule Click on the Enter Scores icon for the appropriate match NOTE : You must enter a lineup to see the scores icon
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      Step-by-step guide  If you are a captain, you will be able to see Availability for your entire team. Please follow the steps below to view player availability Login and go to MyGroups->Manage Groups Now click on Availability Check- indicates an ...